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Clean, analyze and visualize your data with customized web-based applications. Whether reporting, data mining, predictive analytics, big data or small data. Using a scalable framework, we develop your customized solution based on existing modules. Try our sample applications and ask for a tailor-made solution for your business.

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Find similar records and clean up contacts, lead lists, parts lists, address data and more from duplicates. Use an intelligent fuzzy logic algorithm. Try out the application with an example data set or use your own file.


Many companies realizied the advantages of the open source programming language R. translate2R allows a fast and inexpensive migration to R. The automatic and comprehensible process of translating SPSS code to R code with translate2R offers users an enormous number of new analytical opportunities. Try out the first version of this application and let translate2R become a central part of your migration processes.


With the methods of text mining you reveal informative insights. Analyze any text type and receive the results in the form of representative and reliable reports. Take advantage of the new knowledge and achieve real competitive advantages with the textmineR of eoda.


Find the optimal parameter for your optimization problems in various fields such as manufacturing, distribution and logistics. Optimize several campaigns on various target groups with our solution, which regards both - the campaign and the customer perspective.


Welcome to the tableR beta-test. Beginning on September 15th you will be able to download your Version of tableR here.


Integrate new contacts quickly and reliably into your CRM. The App for signature recognition reads in e-mail signatures, analyses them and generates a consistent output for any signature.


The right offer for the right group of customers at the right time in the right place - association analyses like the market basket analysis make this possible. Discover patterns and dependencies in the buying behavior of your customers and get a new basis for the orientation of your company.